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Maria Menounos Dancing with the Stars Dance of the Day

Maria Menounos is kinda hot…mainly cuz she has 2 vaginas…you know like all greek girls….only unlike all the greek girls I know she’s not obese, or hairy, but her pussy may smell of Feta….I just can’t be too sure…because I’ve neever smelled her pussy – BUT I HAVE SEEN IT

Dancing with the Stars….or the almost stars…or the barely stars…or the “I hope this gives me second chance in my uselessness”…..is uninteresting, possibly one of the worst shows on TV, except when you watch it at 1/4 speed and remember that the way a girl moves on the dancefloor is similar to the way she fucks….

Menounos….is likely a good fuck…otherwise she’d never be on TV….she’s ok in my books….I just wish I knowed how to read.

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  • I would like to see her cha chas. =)

  • Anonymous

    She’s moving up my sexual fantasy bucket list.