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Kate Moss Forgets to Do Up Her Pants of the Day

I think Kate Moss is probably one of the best models of all time….only because she lives the fucking rockstar life….going to all the best parties, fucking all the unprotected rockstar and A-List celebrity cock she can get her pussy around. She’s not fat, in fact hated for being too skinny in the 90s, she’s aged amazing like all that hard living has kept her pickled and preserved… but most importantly throughout most of this, she’s been a fucking mom to a kid I doubt sees that much….which is exciting me since I am an aspiring deadbeat parent….it can be done in the classiest of fucking ways…..I also like that she doesn’t give a fuck, you know part of being a millionaire for being hot, with top grade millionaires throwing their semen at her….and in being as punk as she is…she always gets topless or naked, when paid or unpaid, cuz why bother not being naked…

That said, I’m not sure why her pants are undone. But I’m glad they are….

Maybe she’s airing out her well traveled, tired, dirty twat I wish I could taste….

Maybe I should stop focusing on that…because this is the kid of shit that can motivate me to try to convince mom’s in the park to undo their pants…and that’s the kind of shit that gets me arrested…or hurt….

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  • She has her pants like that because she wants to let it “breathe”.  I must say, it is very inviting…