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Paris Hilton Must Die….Even When In a Bikini of the Day

Whenever I see Paris Hilton in a bikini, even if it is an attention seeking, “notice me”, kind of bikini moment, I envision the boat sinking, a shark attacking, the pool drain sucking her to the bottom while there’s no life guard on duty, or even a sniper confusing her for…well…Paris Hilton…the garbage of society while being high society…rich, spoiled, useless, who’s legacy on the world….the only good thing she’s done…is tricked all girls into thinking filming themselves fuck will get them famous….and despite feeling passionate about wanting someone to exterminate her, I gotta give her props, cuz making girls think they need to film themselves fuck to make it, makes for good times for anyone who gets to see the video, even if it fucking sucks.

She doesn’t matter…..even in her bikini.

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