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Trying to Look Up Alessandra Ambrosio’s Skirt to See Her Knocked Up Uterus while she Shaves of the Day

So pregnant, polluted uterus all filled with fetus, bearing Alessandra Ambrosio, decided to shave her legs in public, while I decided to stare at pictures of her, trying to see up her skirt, in efforts to track the damage her first pregnancy left, but more importantly, give a gynecological exam to her new pregnancy, because I’m a pervert like that…and so are you….and because watching a bitch shave her legs for money in public, although fulfilling in many ways…reminding me of a girl I used to fuck who I would always make her shave her cunt in front of a room full of people cuz I liked sharing her coinslot pussy going bald with my friends to torment them with how much luckier I was than they were, is not as fun as watching her vagina and other lady parts….especially when she’s from Brazil, and like Miss Universe Canada, could be slipping a vagina that used to house testicles past us…..if you know what I mean….and if you don’t, you’re an idiot…but I’ll explain, Brazil where she is from, has the best lady-boys in the world. The kind who could easily fake a pregnancy….just ask Gisele….. Get with it….idiot….

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