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Vanessa Hudgens’ Ass Photographer of the Day

The Spring Breakers, a shitty movie that is making up for their shitty storyline, by getting all the free marketing they can, by bringing in the paparazz to push pictures out to the public….pictures that happen to be of close ups of Vanessa Hudgens ass…probably for her to see how her weightloss has been going……

I guess half naked ex-Disney stars in their bikinis is exciting for the perverts knowing all the sexual skills they have at their relatively young age that they had to polish up on for their Disney execs who would tell them “you’re replacable, you know how many 12 year old girls who are less fat and monkey looking than you will suck me off for this gig, get on your knees, this is the business you chose….so if you ever want to work in this town again, get to work”….as their pimping parents looked on giving gestures on how to do it like they practiced at home as to not fuck up the retirement fund….and there is something magical, far more magical than this photog closing in on Vanessa Hudgens’ over 18 year old ass that we all saw naked is self shot pics back when she was producing kiddie porn before she turned 18, and that is a girl pulled out of school for high paying prostitution gigs at the age of 15….

Either way, here’s the post Disney starlet ass being milked….like it used to milk Disney execs…..

To See The Vanessa Hudgens Picture
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To See Selena Gomez’s Most Recent Bikini Pics on Set Since She’s the Only Hot One….
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  • Mike Jones

    Lose the Nacho Libre shit. Don’t need it and it’s annoying.

  • roscoe

    Also why can’t you spell “masturbate” properly yet?