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Coco Does Squats of the Day

Coco is ridiculous….and I don’t mean it in a “look at that ass, it is ridiculous” kinda way…I mean ridiculous like ridiculous was meant to be used…..

She is not a good thing….

Sure a huge part of me loves to watch girls slut out like this….all trashy in clothes from the sex store…stupid costumes that are a fucking novelty…showing off their bodies and objectifying themselvs…..but I prefer it when they have to be doing it….you know to pay the bills….not when they have other options….

So I’m torn…I love looking at sluts, when they are desperate and need to be sluts, or really under all circumstances….cuz all girls should flaunt their shit…but I don’t like looking at Coco….for anything by comedic purposes…

It is probably cuz Coco is huge…..Thick and whether her ass implant and tit implants try to balance that shit out…or she goes out to the gym and works out….I get why her husband is a black man….cuz they love this kind of white meat….where as I just find it pretty vile….I wouldn’t even get a lap dance from, this bitch if she was working my strip club….

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  • I just vomited in my mouth a lot.  Not just a little.  Oh my.

  • expletivebmp

    what a wonderful couple coco and ice-t are.  not to mention the fringe benefits of having a woman with such a massive ass and sumptuous tits, real or fake remains of no consequence, and to fully know her proper, one must get to know her fart smell. 

  • Anonymous

    I though I was the only one to feel this way about CoCo.
    Thank you sir for this post.