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Vanessa Hudgens Short Skirt Bike Ride of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty uninteresting.

She looks like a little monkey that you pulled out of some rain forest, a little more evolved than your standard monkey, but a monkey none the less….you know the kind of shit that leads to being patient 0 with some kind of std like HIV, cuz she’s good enough to bang, she’s practically human, and people will understand why you did it…..

She did however produce underage porn, nude pics of her at 17, that got circulated around, mainly discussing why she got laser hair removal on her entire body except her pussy, before realizing looking or owning those pics could get you arrested, in her attempt to erase the publicity stunt, using the law to do it….and despite that being lame…she still displayed personality traits of a whore….and I love whores…

So here she is on her bike, in a short skirt, encouraging people to stare like she was Miley doing the same stunt last week…cuz Disney breeds quality teens and makes them into quality troubled women….and I like it.

To See the Rest of the Pics….

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