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Rachel Bilson in her Bikini of the Day

Rachel Bilson and her fiance of 12 years who brings her down, Hayden Christensen are in Barbados.

Rachel Bilson, despite what her fiance who owns her and brings her down, by stealing her youth by locking her up in a farm in Canada, is wearing a bikini…..so we can all check out her body ….as he angrily tries to figure out why no one gives a fuck about him….he was in Star Wars fuck….it was a huge series of movies….sure it typecast him and lockede him into a life of conventions….but shit was relevant….now stop staring at his girl….you fucking pigs….at least that’s what I assume…

You see cuz a few years ago, she left him and his brainwashing barn, to try to re-invent herself….probably fucking many dudes in her time off….only to take the motherfucker back a notch and realize, he should let her blossom as her own person…not as an animal in captitive…….because engaged people are fucked in the head and feel they can’t live without each other….since they have so much invested….and would hate to have to build that up with someone again….or some shit I don’t understand cuz I married to leech off my shitty, dumpy, often times shit covered that I have to wipe, wife….she was lonely, I was not into working….kinda like Hayden Christensen….only with hotter pussy..sure her body is weird short leg and long torso….big ass and small titty…..but only weirdos like me pay attention to that shit…..the rest of you just see BIKINI….


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