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Looking up Vanessa Hudgens Skirt as She May Be Doing Drugs of the DAy

Coachella happened this weekend, for those of you who don’t know shit about hipster bullshit that makes you cool, because in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter whether you are cool or not, especially since being a hipster is more mainstream than Ed Hardy or any of the shit that they are against, because hipster is the new preppy bullshit….thanks to the internet….cuz now people can be more artistic, obscure, informed about issues, socially conscious, while wearing the latest skinny jeans…..you seee what I’m getting at here….Hipsters don’t exist…they are just apple and designer clothes consuming try hards….

That said, Coachella reaches all these idiots as a place they need to be to see all kinds of bands in some festival that I wouldn’t go to unless I could arrive and leave by helicopter, only to spend my nights in a 5 star hotel, where during the day I hang backstage and get drunk with bitches like Vanessa Hudgens on groupies trying to fuck bands….making them sit on my lap…..otherwise it’s dirty hipster even though hipsters don’t exist….nightmare….

So with all music festivals, people get fucked up….and these pics of Vanessa Hudgens surfaced of her sucking on her finger filled with some white powder I assume is Icing Sugar cuz she’s pudgy, but that could be anyting for YAY to MDMA to who gives a fuck she’s squatting in short skirt and I wanna fuck those thigh highs off her hairy little legs….

And based on this video of her with her boyfriend…that was probably easy to do this weekend….that horny little monkey person…..probably on MDMA….taking int he sounds of every band marketed to the “Indy” scene that’s so indy it is making people billionaires….the idiots have to flock to and endorse something….sheep pretending not to be sheep are still sheep….

To See the Rest of the Pics

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