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Vanessa Hudgens Making Out With her Boyfriend in Public of the Day

Here is a fascinating vdeo of Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend whoring out for the paparazzi….with each other…making out in public like bitch isn’t semi famous….and like this won’t draw attention to them by the immigrant leeches that make up the paparazzi…sitting around all night for the opportunity to snap a pic of anyone from Phoebe Price to Shauna Sand to make a fucking dollar…..like she couldn’t have done this at home…in her backyard…on vacation….it was intentional…like her nude pics…and for that I give her a high five the day after national high five day…because I love little sluts…who like attention via sexuality….it’s 98 percent of the reason I hang out in the park after school….the other 2 percent of the reason is my love of masturbation in the grass dogs piss and shit on or on public benches old ladies feed pigeons from….

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