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Stacy Keibler’s Fit Body in a Sports Bra of the Day

Here’s George Clooney’s pussy that he may or may not actually have sex with because he’s possibly homosexual….you know the kind who doesn’t want to be known as homosexual….because it will make 90 percent of his women fans who fantasize about being the one to tame him, cuz girls love a challenge and think they have what it takes to make any guy settle, relatively uninterested in him, making him way less money….in a Rock Hudson or Steve McQueen wait til they die of AIDS before people need to deal with truth….so he uses hot bitches you want to fuck and Steve-O gets to fuck when he is done with them before dumping them…..making them really feel like they lost the lottery and entered hell….like this Stacy Keibler wrestler, who probably shares a publicist with him, who needed this to keep her around another year, thanks to making the bad decision of dancing with the stars, a nail generally straight in the coffin of your career that was already hardly a career to being with, hence why you were doing Dancing with the Stars in the first place, you know cuz being a pro wrestler for 2 years, was lucrative but where do you really go from there….kinda thing that doesn’t matter cuz she has legs I want to wear as a scarf and a pussy I want to wear as a mouth warmer….you know when Clooney is done making hr fuck him up the ass with a strap in exchange for exposure….I like my bitches at rock bottom….It is more effective.

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  • Anonymous

    I sure hope Clooney is wearing out his Viagra supplier because Stacy is one of the hottest women in history. Her world class 42� legs are the ultimate sexual accessory and she also has a phenomenal butt. The fact that she recently was a great athlete only adds to her sexual allure.  I have read that a former boyfriend said she was unbelievable in bed.  That seems very