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Mischa Barton in her Underwear for a Video Shoot of the Day

Mischa Barton was cast to be in Noel Gallagher’s music video wearing some weird fat chick underwear spanx shit that should have been leggings cuz this ass is vile, but then again they didn’t send me the script, maybe the concept is the horror of some bitch who used to be skinny and sloppy who is now chubby and sloppy, eating baked goods half naked…..or something else equally disturbing, amazing, erotic, disgusting, and unattractive enough for us to be reminded that Mischa Barton is at rock fucking bottom…doing fucking music videos for her friends who probably feel sorry for her cuz she can’t get work….the next step suicide or accidental suicide thanks to pills…or driving into a brick fucking wall…something her career has already done….


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  • Joe

    What a bunch off BS, Cellulite comes off.  She just cant do it herself .   All this women need is a a good man strong enough to deal with it.  Shes super cute. Learn how to message here legs and butt  (this breaks the fibers that cause the problem).
    It could be part of sex, make her feel like a woman.
    She’s super cute and would love you for it..that’s a reward for a little extra work. 
    These fagot druggie pussy’s she runs with out in LA are to stupid to know this..

    PS:  Sadly for me when I did this for my Dutch ex.Once she got “hot” again she started waking around naked, treated me like a dog and fucked all my now ex friends and smashed my car DWI
    I threw here out, the judge gave her nothing in the divorce settlement so I rented a house in the Hamptons and threw myself and my “good close friend “s who stood with me a big divorce party with a live band, loads of booze stripper and 6A class whores.

    My new motto is” “If it FLYS FLOATS or FUCKS” RENT IT !!!
    Joe in Long Island

  • ILoveMischAss

    Her ass is incredible
    It’s flat and fat at the same time
    I’d be all up in it if I had the chance lol

  • Travis

    She is so disgusting. Her cellulite, saddle-bags, shapeless legs & pasty skin.

    She’s truly an abomination…

  • cisco adler gave her the aids.