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Mila Kunis Ass in Leggings of the Day

I find Mila Kunis amazing to look at. She’s probably the top girl in Hollywood as far as I’m concerned but I am tired of hearing losers whine about her fucking Ashton Kutcher, because they don’t know the bitch, and really who fucking cares who she’s fucking, it’s not like you’re a fucking candidate to visit her twat or something….this kind of behvior always weirds me out…..

Sure, Ashton Kutcher is fucking annoying, he blocked me on Twitter in the beginning of Twitter along with one other dude, because he clearly has no sense of humor or good taste..takes life too seriously….proven by that whole Demi Moore bullshit….but more importantly proven everytime his successful ass opens its annoying fucking mouth…..

But you know what, it is very possible that Mila Kunis sucks as a fucking human. Lots of good looking girls are lame and like lame guys who do lame things cuz they have no personality and no idea what’s up. It is very possible that she’s not funny, interesting, cool, she could easily be a bitch who always looks at herself in the mirror talking about hollywood and other uninteresting drivel that you would hate….you see cuz the Mila you think you know and love is a fucking character idiot….

It is very possible that her and Ashton Kutcher are equally fucking idiots who lucked out cuz the producer of 70s show was a pedophile who like underage kids with model like faces….who found love 10 years later cuz they came up together and get each other like no one else gets them who want to fuck…..meant to be together…true asshole love….

What we can hope for is that Mila Kunis got AIDS from Culkin who got it from Michael Jackson and sharing needles with street kids when he was all tormented in the 90s, that she gives to Ashton Kutcher when fucking during a Demi who banged everyone to get a career cuz she was ugly, herpes outbreak…because Ashton Kutcher HIV Positive makes him more tolerable knowing he is suffering….

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  • Ralgh_m

    It’s a shame she is a slut ass whore.