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Kim Kardashian Topless Pic That Isn’t Kim Kardashian of the Day

There’s a picture going around that has been emailed me to at leeast once today…..the claim is that it is Kim Kardashian before she got her tits done……and as I’m looking at that pic, I’m thinking there is no way that is Kim Kardashian….if anything it is just some other brown monster of a bitch, possibly an Armenian, with little shitty tits that make everyone who fuck her question their sexuality when done with her…..or worse…when waking up next to her and not remembering how you ended up in her cave…unable to see if she has a cock or not cuz she has pants on….putting you in an awkward place of “if i reach over, cock on not, it’ll wanna fuck again”……

If you want to see Kim Kardashian’s tits in 2007 – Here:

Shes a fat chick who just carries her weight in her tits and ass and pussy lip and under her SPANX, I doubt she has implants….but she is a pornstar, so it is possible, I just doubt this pic is her….

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