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Rosie Jones Naked for FHM Magazine of the Day

Rosie Jones is a UK Glamour Model some of you may have already masturbated to before because UK Glamour Models are pretty much what Americans call Playboy Playmates…They are slightly above average looking, big titty, stripper looking trash, that gets naked for magazines….that aren’t quite porn mags….but are still mags teen boys jerk off to….even though there’s this crazy thing called the internet…..

It is safe to say that FHM is struggling cuz they are losing traction to other men’s magazines that were a little more hardcore than they were….in a time when looking at celebs in their underwear was ok…but nipples were better…you know beat at their own game by Nuts, Loaded, Front and whatever else is out there producing softcore cheesy shoots with these cheesy women….and now….FHM is trying to get competitive with the competition, evolving their hustle, with the competition’s women and naked strategy….so there may be some hope for them….you know at least they aren’t Maxim.

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