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Montreal Taxi Hit and Run of the Day

This is just fucking crazy….A Montreal taxi ran over a dude, who was likely drunk after after some kind of confrontation went down this past Saturday night…..now I hate drunk people as much as the next guy….even though I am always drunk…maybe especailly cuz I am a drunk….and I hate seeing people get fucked with by drunk idiots….unless I am the drunk idiot and the people getting fucked are hot pussy….you know the taxiis just trying to make a fucking living and these cocksuckers are fucking with him….jumping on his car that he probably doesn’t own…damages he’ll have to pay for….I’d probably run over one of them if I was in his position too….self defense like dude Trayvon…..only unlike Trayvon this motherufucker is gonna live.

Here’s the other angle – far more graphic and disgusting

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  • Stephencarr43

    own fault for acting like a prick on the taxi

  • Trotl

    1:0 for taxi !

  • Good for Him

    I fail to see  what the taxi did wrong there. Group of guys attacked his car, he tries to drive away but is blocked, Guy jump onto his roof and starts stomping so he reverses to dislodge him, he makes his escape (luckily over one of the fuckers).