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The stepNEWS changes lives for both the viewer and the person implicated in the shit….it inspires us to be idiots…or to not be idiots…it genius…and it is stupidity….is the future…

Police: Son torched mom’s house
Aldwin Caceres-Marrero, a Tampa man, set fire to his mother’s home in an argument that started over a cell phone after assaulting her the day before.

Detroit “Super Hero” Busted by Police
He calls himself “Bee Sting,” a crime fighter … but police in one city call him a costumed criminal.

Child’s eye drops replaced with bleach
Prosecutors have accused a Washington state woman of repeatedly putting bleach into her daughter’s eyes, causing permanent vision loss in the toddler’s right eye.

NJ Tanning Mom Faces Judge
Patricia Krentcil claims that her daughter’s sunburn came from playing outside and not from a tanning booth and pleaded not guilty to second-degree child endangerment, but did admit that she has a tanning problem herself.

OH Man Mows Lawn With Helmet After Hawk Attacks
A man from Westlake, Ohio has to mow his lawn wearing a helmet since a hawk has been attacking the homeowner.

Woman Accuses Parole Agent Of Sexual Blackmail In Hidden Camera Sting
A California parole agent was arrested for inappropriate behavior with a parolee, demanding that she make a naked video of herself. The victim does have a checkered past, including heroin use and shoplifting.

Caught on Tape: Truck Rams Gas Station Twice
A pickup truck was video taped ramming the front of a Converse, Texas gas station convenience store and the driver casually walked away immediately after.

Georgia Man Spanks Toddler For Trying To Grab His Cat
Russel Baughcum of Fulton County, Georgia allegedly spanked a Four-year-old who tried to grab his cat at the vet’s office and now faces assault charges.

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