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Tara Reid Half Naked for Loaded of the Day

Tara Reid has had a pretty amazing life, but more importanly it is amazing that she still has a life….you know throwing away an acting career, that was still bottom feeding in shitty movie, was still a career that made her money consistently as well as made guys jerk off to her pre-implants, during botched tit job, and after titty upgrade….to become a perpetual party host drunk, living college spring break well into her 40s, and now with her big comeback tour of American Pie 47, featuring original gang of reject has-beens to keep the story continuity, she’s now getting some interest from other places….and who fucking cares…oh right I do…cuz she’s doing it half naked….Good little bottom feeder…not release a sex tape. It’s time.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Ah, this bitch reeks of cigarettes, lube and regret. 

    I would thrash that cunt so hard she would need surgery to fix it. 

  • xyz

     Poor u, how desperate u must be!

  • Usher

    Two words: Who. Cares.
    You should post beautiful women who are NOT celebrities. Female celebs. in America are not attractive because they’re all the daughters of either someone rich or famous. FACT: There are more beautiful women walking around the street of Prague than those starring in Hollywood movies.

  • Joeamp

    Baaa ! She looks great.   I see her in the Hamptons all the time Tara looks WAY better then most those Hollywood shits her age (I wish they would find another place for summer)   Shes a cool fun girl to hang out with BTW unlike those “beautiful people in crowd” types.   Tara can come on my boat-bar and smoke cigarettes any time she wants

  • Joeamp

    I been to Prague with the band, seen and met some of those woman mentioned her.   Yes they dress to kill and look good but 8 out of 10 have 2 thing in common :  1- whores or free loading get-overs looking for stupid wealthy American men to roll or schmooze. Or 2–Spread their legs, do anything for a paid for 1 way ticket to America via marriage scams.
    Just like many of the woman in Hollywood they need to get a fucking job, stop riding coat tails of other peoples success and stop blaming and using everybody else (like condoms) for their bad choices in life.