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Taylor Momsen’s Panty Flash of the Day

Taylor Momsen turned 18 and is uninteresting to more than just the pedophiles….she’s uninteresting to me and I’ve banged 16 year olds and hated it…thus well aware that my creepiness doesn’t extend to that world….it is legal here…..and I dont’ even bother with it…cuz 16 year olds are fucking annoying and retarded and fucking them means talking to them 98 percent of the time…otherwise it is just rape…

That said, she’s uninteresting because she’s doing the same stunts she was doing when she was underage, panty flashes and bullshit, and as far as I’m concerned, rock and roll spoiled rich cunts are supposed to evolve in their hustle, especially when their best friend is a huge porn star….step your fucking game up and squirt on stage you 18 year old piece of garbage mocking us with your panties like we’re fucking 12….fuck you. die.


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  • roscoe

    I hope you have the paragraph about how boring it is to have sex with a legal Canadian 16 saved as some type of macro, because you post it at least twice a week. Nearly as many times as you post Swinepole pics or mention how the ugly, manly, steroided Cameran Diaz is “hot”.

  • beavis

    Yeah, I’m jealous too.

  • expletiveBMP

    Hayzeus is right, young girls are fucking retarded, and older bitches are retarded with the only difference being that an older bitch can usually do other things and aren’t completely useless.  Younger bitches only have their cunnies and not much else going for them.  Not that I’ve fucked either, and all my information is from listening to others and asking a lot of questions.  But working as a teacher’s aide at a senior highschool has given me unfettered access to young girls, and if you listen to them, 99% of them needs not only time, but something extra to be of any use.