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Ridiculous Power Tripping Cop Who Almost Killed Someone By Not Doing his Job of the Day

I saw this yesterday and it made me mad…and it will probably make you mad too.

The story is simple, some power tripping cop who was manning the 911 phones decided to not do his fucking job, but instead take on the role of school teacher because a girl said “fuck” during a crisis….forcing her to run to the police station to get an ambulance as her dad was in seizure on the kitchen floor, because asshole refused to serve her like a disgruntled cashier at a retail store, instead of like an emergency respondent….

I fucking hate people like this, who don’t realize their place in the world, who preach at inappropriate times, when bitch was just using the system in place to save her dying father….

To make things even more insane, he arrested her under fake charges.

I think we sould all email the Police Chief Thomas Karnes and tell him that his employee shouldn’t just be suspended or fired but in fact arrested for putting lives at risk….Assshole…

His email is tkarnes@citylp.com

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  • Done.  Fuck that bitch.  I hope this gets enough attention where they will arrest him.  They would arrest a bystander who sees someone get hurt and do nothing, this is the same type of thing.

  • Random

    This event is over 2 years old