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Miranda Kerr in a White Bikini Top of the Day

Miranda Kerr was in a white bikini top…..which would be exciting if Miranda Kerr wasn’t a fucking bikini model with thousands of pics of her in a bikini online that she’s been retouched in…both before being a mom and after….that are better than this….reminding us that regular girls you don’t often see in bikinis are more exciting in bikinis….while bikini models you always see in bikinis come standard in bikinis and need to next level that shit with getting fucking naked yo….but I guess you could argue that since she’s pro at this, it’d be like playing one on one with Michael Jordan, a life changing experience, but you wouldn’t win, cuz this is my site and therefore I am always the winner of arguments…even if ulimately I’m a huge loser.

Thanks life for wronging me…..

Thanks Orlando Bloom for reminding me….

Thanks Miranda Kerr for not fucking me….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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