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Sure the stepNEWS may not be as exciting as the Trayvon Martin gun targets for hick racist rednecks who believe strongly in shooting people in hoods so long as they are black and not mom’s out for a jog…or white….But it’s pretty fucking close….

NY Hot Dog Prostitute Mom Returns To Work
Catherine Scalia went back to work after pleading guilty to prostitution and ran into trouble when she parked her hot dog truck on private property and left before serving customers that had already paid.

Cooling Bra Introduced In Japan
The Super Cool Bra, made of cooling pads, fans, and mints, has been released in Japan to keep ladies cool in the summertime.

Police Sent To Recover Library Book From 4-Year-Old
A four-year-old in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania was visited by police who instructed her to return “Sleeping Beauty” to the library because it was overdue and face charges if it wasn’t returned.

Teacher Fired After Forcing Student To Wear Dog Collar
A Florida teacher is out of a job after forcing students to wear the ‘Cone of Shame.’

Man Throws Coffee On Clerk After Payment Dispute
A man threw a cup of hot coffee on a donut store clerk after a dispute over whether he paid or not.

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