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The stepNEWS is fucking amazing…I don’t care what the haters say…partially cuz I started this site to be hated…but also because I know good content when I see it…and for some reason the only joy I feel comes from local news…and Kumbaya remixes….so here’s the all american greatness….that should depress most of you….

Woman Claims She Was Fired For Being Sexy
A New York woman claims she was fired for the way she looks and dresses.

Caught on Tape: Parents Put Toddler in Washing Machine
A mother and father thought it would be funny to put their toddler in a front loading washing machine at a laundromat, but soon realized that the child was in danger when the door locked and the washer filled with water.

Texas Constable Accused Of Forcing Coworker To Motorboat Her
There’s another development in the X-rated sexual harassment lawsuit against Galveston County’s top female cop. A former reserve deputy has come forward saying Constable Pam Matranga forced him to resign, too.

Paper Cup Blamed For Crash
A paper cup shattered truck’s window and caused the driver to crash. The accident nearly killed someone.

California Strip Clubs Could Be Facing New Taxes
A possible new tax could increase cover charges for Southern California strip clubs, legislators believe that the state could raise $35 million for sexual assault programs.

Dallas High School Fight Caught on Video
11 people were charged in participating in the fight, but the mother of one victim claims it was all in self defense.

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