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Michelle Rodriguez Does Cannes in her Bikini of the Day

Michelle Rodrigues is in Cannes…and like clockwork…she has gone to her favorite swimming hole that she hits up every year in her bikini….to jump off clips and hang off rope laters like some kind of Monkey she very likely closely related to…at least you’d assume that based on her facial features……

For some reason she’s looking a lot less like a muscular homosexual dude than she did Canning it up in Cannes Last Year or even than she did BIKINI CLAD MONKEYING AROUND IN 2007

I’m kinda digging her today…even most of the time when people say “Michelle Rodriguez is hot”….I respond by saying “you’re a faggot and like dick but don’t know it yet”…..unless today I am that faggot who likes dick but don’t know it yet….it happens…

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