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Brooke Hogan Has a Tan Off with Her Dad of the Day

It is summer where I am….and what better way to celebrate sitting inside all day on my computer while all the hot bitches I know and even the hot bitches I don’t know are all outside tanning….in their bikinis….becuase it is hot, sunny and amazing out….than to post pics of creepy Brooke Hogan and her Dad, Hulk, having a headless tanning competition…cuz they are white Florida trash and this is what they do…before fucking each other…..Sure the picture was posted 2 months ago….but since Brooke Hogan doesn’t matter and her novelty pop career never took off….while her brother was too busy turning people into retards via brain trauma….this is about as up to date as I am on the bitch….In fact I am surprised I even landed on her twitter account and bothered looking at her pics to find this…it must be my love for incest that brought us here today….

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  • “of the day” is gay

  • Suck

    Way to post something that came out months ago!

  • really?

    his boobs look bigger than hers