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The world has gone nuts….seriously….from zombie face eating to gay porn stars killing people in video….it is the apocalypse…I hope you’ve been practicing your hand to hand combat….here are some other clips…

Man Rams Taco Bell Over Missing Tacos
Huber Heights, Ohio police say just after Midnight Michael Smith pulled into the drive-thru with his girlfriend and ordered a combo meal. “He was already peeling his tires, being cute whatever he was on, and came through got his food. We forgot a taco. We realized we forgot it,” said Kristen Winans. She says in minutes Smith came back for his $.99 taco and gave workers a verbal lashing. “He was very sarcastic and rude.” She says she was apologetic and tried to fix the order. “We’re sorry pull forward. We’ll get that to you. He peeled all the way through the drive-thru to our window and snatched his taco.” said Winans.


Teenager Abandoned By Father For Getting A Bad Grade
A Montgomery County A 16 year old was forced to pack her bag and get in the car. Her father, 47 year old Tuan Huynh was kicking her out of the house. All for getting a bad grade on a calculus test.

Houston man suing Wal-Mart for thinking he was a thief
Henry Daniels is suing a Houston area Wal-Mart for accusing him of being a thief when trying to return a vacuum cleaner.

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