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Fat Mila Kunis Gets Heckled of the Day

Unfortunately…I saw the first 5 minutes of the MTV Movie Awards…that were as interesting as an hour long commercial for every movie made last year targeted at 16 year olds could be. Russell Brand wasn’t funny….if anything he was annoying and people in the audience…even the people paid to be in the audience didn’t even laugh as his miserable jokes…

The highlight of the first 5 minutes of the MTV Movie awards….were when Mila Kunis walked out, someone yelled at her, probably that she looks fucking fat as shit, all bloated as fuck….only to have Marky Mark and the funky bunch, who thinks he is a tough guy cuz he trains for shitty movies where he plays a boxer….to step up and threaten him….in what was not even dramatic enough to be interesting, unless you are like me, and wish you had he opportunity to heckle Mila Kunis…ideally with my genitals and her mouth…cuz fat or not…I’d still celebrate National Donut Day, 3 days late, only clit.

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