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Mel B’s Ridiculous Post Baby Body of the Day

Scary Spice has got herself a pretty scary fucking post pregnancy body….but in her defence….at least she’s not fucking fat…I mean sure she looks a bit like a dude…but she’s got some jacked up fake titties….and shit kinda balances out her insanely broad shoulders…all muscular in a post baby…..with her third baby daddy…cuz one dad for all her kids is not black enough…or something….

Here is the video….

Here are some pics she posted of her cleavage on a private jet…

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  • From below her tits down shes a dude…and looks like it. you’re a fag dude.

  • Princess08701

    I guess white chicks don’t have more than one baby daddy either. SMH you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Geez

    She looks like a friggin’ dude!! I wouldn’t be surprised if a dong flopped out of “her” bikini bottoms

  • Anonymous

    Boy…Do you even know what you mean to imply in your (weak) attempt at social commentary?

  • Sheelly

    in her defense, she’s married to this one. 

  • ilosttheshirt

    shes looks weird as hell, she looks like she was mechanically welded together….her stomach looks like a dude’s stomach, gross