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Charlize Theron Hot in Marie Claire France of the Day

Charlize Theron is the OG South African HIV Probable pussy I wanted to fuck…She was the gateway HIV Probable Pussy to others like Candice Swanepoel….both all tall, lean, blonde and making it in America…

She’s in Marie Claire France, in a sheet, looking like she just got fucked either willing or unwilling, at least that’s what I think of when I see a bitch in a sheet, unless I am in a Morgue, but unlike gay porn stars, and possiblyCharlize Theron’s mother who kileld her father, dead bodies aren’t porn to me, so I’m gonna stick with the original ignorant interpretation of this photoshoot that lacks nipples…but that is still kind of hot to those of us who have her 1999 Playboy pictures laminated and in our masturbation folder…..not that I have a masturbation folder filled with print ups of hot sluts, but I am sure some of your freaks do….Who cares…..

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