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Maria Menounos Shitty Twitter Bikini Pic of the Day

I don’t think the highlight of Maria Menounos’ twitter is the bikini pics she posts, if anything, they fucking suck….It is not even the hope that she will slip her pussy like she did that one time….it isn’t even that she is greek and loves anal, making you process every single message she says as one coming from a bitch who uses her asshole for dicks more than her pussy she sometimes flashes….the highlight of her twitter is that her first line item is that she says she’s a “NY Times Best Selling author”….along with Snooki…..something to be proud of, but I like when bitches focus on real accomplishments, like that she’s on TV every night, sure it is the worst show ever, but at least people notice her more than they read her useless books.

Here’s a bikini pic of her she posted yesterday….

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