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Coco in an Offensive Fat Ass Staged Bikini Shoot of the Day

Coco is disgusting. I don’t know what or who got in her head and told her to pose half naked as often as possible after she left her life as a stripper for a man who could support her and make all her dreams come true….in a way that you would think would inspire her to not get half naked ever again cuz she doesn’t need to pay for baby formula like a common hooker anymore….she’s set….but I guess something happened in her youth…daddy issues…or some shit…where she needs to put herself out there as hard as she can…..cuz male attention is the only currency she knows….who fucking cares…cuz Coco, clothed or not…is disgusting.


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  • Last night I had a nightmare that a big fat woman crushed me to death on some rocks by the ocean.  Now i see it was Coco.  *shudder*


    Agreed. This chick has hot potential if she gets rid of those fat ass implants and drops 50lbs. What is it about these white girls who are fat and the only men who will accept them are black? So sad, because it encourages fatassism. 

  • Dwayne21

    shes so sexy i’d tap that twice.

  • Reginayaya

    Amazing that her public nakedness doesn’t seem to bother her husband whatsoever.

  • TwistBarbie

    He’s secure in the fact that no one fucking wants her

  • Reginayaya

    Even though…he seems to encourage her exposure and that’s what is king hard to understand.

  • Drewzyd

    Love Coco and the hateration nation. Hate on haterzzz!

  • Ice true hand is from the pimp game. And knows a bottom go getter is a winner. 

  • Eddy36

    I just threw up a little. Women claim that society makes them feel like they aren’t desired if they aren’t thin. I agree, That sea cow belongs back in the water.

  • lestomp

    What I can’t figure out is, this woman is 33! I know this sounds like an oxymoron, BUTT, you’d think a former stripper would know better than to pose like that. If you’re proud of your ass – good for you. Just don’t pose where it looks like a continuation of your shoulders. I kinda feel bad for her, as I’m sure she could be a lovely woman.

  • Steve

    Are you people serious its a photo shot hundreds of pics are taken and not all may be flattering. To those who think only a black man would like bigger white women, you may be on to something. See anorexic women with implants and no ass is really not that appealing to black men. More white women ate going the I want more booty route so some of you white men may need to catch up.. Or change sides…