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Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Cover of the Day

My friends over at Playboy took a risky strategy that I can only blame on Heff’s dying, strokes, totaly disconnect from what people actually want to see, that comes in the form of Jenny McCarthy showing off her naked body in Playboy like it was 1999 and she was just starting up her career, instead of it being 2012, when her career has pretty much hit a brick wall…..and I guess the only hope is that her implants are only 16 years old, so we can stare at those like sex offenders, when her AUSTISTIC child making rest of her get ignored….

I don’t care how fit bitch is, there comes an age when you put your clothes back on and never take them off, where publicity stunts come in the form of attempted suicide and drunk driving…not showing off bush she’s already been quoted as saying she grew out to cover up her old mangled lips…

Either way, disaster…but I’ll post the rest of the pics when they drop….cuz I like disasters in the form of the woman form.

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