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Maria Menounos in her Bikini for Twitter of the Day

I wonder if when Maria Menounos FLASHES HER VAGINA ON THE BEACH ….if it is something she is embarrassed by, or if it is like a regular girl showing ass crack, you know cuz as an unmarried greek girl, she’s only taking it up her ass and her vagina, the one for husbands babies, not the one for shitting and boyfriends, becomes secondary….I’d ask her but I don’t have her number….

What I do have is her self produced twitter bikini pics that I’m pretty fucking into, cuz her body is hot, and I’m kinda forced to be a fan of really all girls who are into anal, which so far has been all girls I meet, seriously, I haven’t met a girl who doesn’t take it up the ass, I guess cuz anal is the number one form of birth control behind abortion…or maybe cuz anal makes them feel like dirty little prison rape whores….or maybe I just have a tiny penis and they are just hoping to feel something…

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