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Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011 Showing Nipple of the Day

Alyssa Campanella was Miss USA 2011, I’ve never heard of her because Pageants annoy me, even though I appreciate the comedy of the whole thing, you know the process a girl must go through to get into this world, what kind of girl looks into the mirror and says to herself “I am going to be Miss America”….but it happened to this chick….and since that glorious day, she has decided to post some pics of herself in some photoshoot, showing half a nipple, but more interestingly, her natural red hair, reminding me, and maybe even mocking me about the fact that I’ve never banged a redhead, but have always wanted to…I mean have always wanted to the last couple of years, when I had a chance back in High School I was scared of them….But I remember – dreams do come true sometimes….that brings me hope to carry on.

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