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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Bottom Volleyball Ass of the Day

Alessandra Ambrosio is living the beach life because she’s a millionaire bikini model who has been told how good she looks in a bikini via million dollar paychecks….leading to the confidence to take off her jean shorts that so many bitches have a hard time doing…especially after they’ve abused their body through marriage and baby making…but unfortunately for the rest of us, those are usually the bitches who do take off their shorts at the beach, because part of giving up on life is not giving a fuck what people think of their disgusing mom asses, something often confused with confidence or finally finding a place of secuirty in ones self, when it is really just one step away from suicide in self hating, and wanting the rest of the world to suffer with them…..it is never the hot assed 18 year olds who have great asses that’s why I called them hot assed….who jump into their bikini bottoms for volleyball…and that is a huge flaw in the way our world works…

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  • viviane wrote.. This is beatiful!!! I’m balrizian like Alessandra, but not so pretty. I wish I was you, so I could walk on the streets in faboulous outfits and people wouldnt call me mad. :*You’re such a diva! Keep amazing us with your sense of fashion.