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Mila Kunis Sucks as the Face of Miss Dior of the Day

Mila Kunis was cast as the face of Miss Dior in their new campaign, and shit was as boring as you’d fucking expect a cash grab like this to be. You know when you are the mose overrated girl in Hollywood, who has fucked some of the worst men in Hollywood, at the top of her fucking career, she doesn’t even have to fucking try anymore….at least that’s what I assume is going on here cuz this campaign needs a little less face – a lot more body….ideally half naked….I can’t believe I fell into the marketing trap that was Mila Kunis, thanks to an awesome PR Team the last few years…..where I went along with the “she’s the hottest bitch around”…contributing to her not feeling inclined to get naked in movies or in fashion campaigns…because she doesn’t have to….and I’ve failed as an objective critic….and here is her shitty campaign that is more a campaign designed to make you hate her with me….

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  • Frank

    Or not… you may not exactly be considered an expert on something aimed at representing an era of conservative and classy people.

  • testing

    She’s hot, and she’s on Family Guy so she gets the nerd vote. I’d much rather see her in a movie than Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johanson and a ton of other boring bitches

  • D

    She is hot as hell. Clothes or no clothes. Make-up or not. Bad movie or good movie. She’s always gonna be on the top of my list.