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LeAnn Rimes Good Christian Implant for Twitter of the Day

LeAnn Rimes only makes me laugh because she represents the flaw in big record companies and pop culture….

They take a good country girl in theory who fits the fucking bill, who is one with God and can be marketed as such, Christian, Wholesome, good country values, and you pump her up, make her famous, make her millions, make her marry a fag, produce some Christmas Albums…nurture the lie…only for her to break free in some spoiled, rich, cunt behavior, homewrecking, getting implants, exuding a love for sex, all things that aren’t Christian…..discounting all she’s done and all she’s represented….while retaining all her fans because they love her and as good Christians they must stick by her…and the whole thing is a fucking joke….a joke with fake tits in a bikini for twitter…

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