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Mila Kunis Shitty for Interview of the Day

Mila Kunis, the most loved girl in Hollywood, even though she is cute at best, in what I can only assume is that jewish people run Hollywood, and like to endorse hot jewish girls, because jewish guys, who are paying for movie tickets and DVD collections, like jewish girls who are hot…..because they are usually forced to marry that way, and this brings them hope….while loyal fan boys are also seduced by her, for the simple fact that she’s in a movie and not ugly….and you can pretend one day when you become a billionaire, or inherit your Grandfather’s millions, you’ll get her to marry you…..until remembering she’s with Ashton Kutcher….he’s fucking the girl you think is your girl even though it is all fantasy and she will never talk to you even if you happen to be at the table next to her or even the seat next to her on a flight, but your overbearing mother gave you hope that you could have anything you want…reality hasn’t set in….

This is a shoot for Interview magazine, and who really cares about what she’s gotta say, Interview Magazine, I really just wanna see her naked….to guage how meaty her vagina is….and to take her to the next level of celebrity bitch I want to jerk off to….and this photoshoot doesn’t really cut it, but it does show some upper thing which is enough for the religis to cum themselves too…

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