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Mila Kunis Works it for the Nerds in Glamour of the Day

I officially know that Mila Kunis knows who her fan base is – before I just assumed she didn’t give a fuck about maintaining an image, you know with the whole getting AIDS from CULKIN shit, but now she’s figured it out….target the geeks, the virgin loser, comic book geeks and they will lock in and be loyal for a lifetime….you know make them think you are the one who gets them and they will confuse you for being hotter than you are….you know talk about things they like…like Star Wars vs Star Trek and give them butterflies in their stomach….knowing that they will pay to see you on the big screen, when real dudes who don’t give a shit, will just watch it on TV…..or if a girl they are trying to fuck makes them…cuz that’s how real dudes interract with movies…they use them to get girls over on off nights to fuck…while virgin losers….that shit is all they look forward to….

She’s played it well. She’s average at best. Old, boring and probably a cunt…more importantly, she’s fucking Ashton Kutcher and the only hope is he gets her CULKIN AIDS and dies faster than Magic Johnson cuz that’s the only good that can come out of that….Now, watch her clip for Glamor…

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  • D

    Mila kunis is a goddess. The writer of this article is a gay middle aged man who can’t even get a man to love him.

  • How is this site still up

    What business does a bitter gay man have making comments about a beautiful woman? What business does a bitter gay man have running a site about female celebrities to begin with? I could understand a little commentary about fashion dos and don’ts but leave the comments about a woman’s level of sexual attractiveness to those who are actually attracted to women. Just a heads up, Mila Kunis is a beautiful woman who would be attractive to most types of heterosexual males be they nerds, jocks, blacks, whites, Chinese, buffalo, mountain lion, goldfish, and even internet blogger.

  • Regretful

    I was given a blowjob for visiting this site by a guy in the bathroom stall at a bar who I thought was Charles Nelson Riley. On second thought I want my sperm back, this isn’t worth it!