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Jessica Clark Naked in True Blood of the Day

Jessica Clark is some openly lesbian dyke who is so lesbian that she is married to another lesbian that isn’t even Ellen so it isn’t for a social climb, but instead for a hatred of cock and a love for eating pussy, because either she was raped, molested as a child or has some kind of hormonal imbalance, since genetically, it makes no sense for a woman to not like cock, it’s against the natural process of their vaginas…

What is also against the natural process of a vagina, is whatever the fuck True Blood made Jessica Clark attach to her lesbian, possible but unlikely, virgin vagina to make her look like she’s naked, but instead makes her look like someone glued some weirdness on her twat….

But she’s naked on TV and that’s the real progress in what she does….the dick hating lesbian shit is just annoying.

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