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Mariah Cary’s Promo Pic for Idol is Amazing of the Day

Mariah Carey is the new America Idol judge and this is the photoshopped masterpiece that reminds me a bit of Toddlers in Tiaras and a bit of a drag show and a bit of a wax museum exhibit because let’s face it…this is up on some serious clown shit….and I love it….

The real question is how American Idol is still on TV after all these years of failure…but I am hoping Mariah Carey is the final nail in the coffin….sometimes sinking ships are fun to watch….

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  • MstrMike

    It’s the most expensive Real Doll ever. The only hole you wish was unavailable can’t be shut up.

  • Turd Ferguson


  • Travis

    Mimi’s seizing out again. Somebody get the hose…