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Coco Tweets Her Wet T-Shirt of the Day

Coco is disgusting….but in her defense…I like bitches who aren’t disgusting, fat, slobby, dumpy, ex hooker looking trash that seems to have landed a john to finance her life and allow her to continue her whoring at a bigger and broader scale…living out a whore dream….when she should be living out a fucking aerobic routine to scale her shit back….even if thickness is what she aspires cuz along the way…guys made her think that all guys like a fat bitch…without realizing not everyone is of african decent and fat doesn’t trigger some genetic code that tells our dicks “she can breast feed a baby through famine and drought”…..some of us are cushy, spoiled, North American who like our bitches to have toned stomachs and chicken legs….

But then again….she does post wet t-shirt pics on the internet so she can’t be so bad….

To See Some Coco In a Thong on the Beach – Unfortunately

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