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Kim Kardashian is a Underwater Sea Mammal in her Bikini of the Day

I think we’ve just found another species to add to the Sea Mammal list, let’s just hope it is on the endagereed list, because the hottest thing in these pic is not that the water holds her sloppy body in a nice way, or that the water acts as a nice filter, before her photo editor, edits harder…it is that there is a possiblity that she will drown, probably because she swam too soon after eating as fat chicks often do….and that bring hope of a better tomorrow….

I like that the pig Kardashian is keeping it Ghetto while up on some Orange Drink….I wonder how much she got paid for that product plug….weak.

Either way, here she is, living out some aquarium fat mermaid fetishes…

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  • Rosarch

    Eww fat pig. Kendall destroys her.

  • J

    That ass is real, and real nice. If that body is fat to you then your gay and blind. Real men need a woman with a body not a little girl. Anyone who thinks she is fat is a hater

  • Jack Ketch


  • Spartacus


  • Hate Retardant

    What is it with the hate? Why do Americans despise real women and their natural forms. It’s unnatural for an adult woman to have the under developed body stick like body of a teen. Kim K is far from fat. Most of you haters wish you had at least one of her attributes. Grow up and recognize beauty. This woman is beautiful and the world knows it. Hence the fame, duh. She may not be talented, but since when do you need talent for fame. If you’re gonna hate on her do it for something real. Don’t create reasons to hate her by calling her fat when she isn’t. Besides, most people that hate on other people really just hate themselves.

  • Hate Retardant

    Ooops!! Poor editing, lol.

    *It’s unnatural for an adult woman to have the under developed stick like body of a teen.

  • Rosarch

    Shut up Khloe and MOOOOOOOO!

  • Chris

    The guy that runs this site and posts these things must be the biggest fucking faggot I’ve ever seen. You must like cock to think that every woman is fat. Faggot.

  • lawn

    Why are there never any orcas around when you really need them?

  • cowbulls

    Kim is built for sex. I’d rather have her once than a dozen of those Hollywood skinny chicks with boob jobs. I wouldn’t lick her but I damn sure would like to dehydrate myself between her legs. I would also love to get a hold on those tits. The sexual possibilities are amazing.