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Joanna Krupa Nipple Slip for some Photoshoot of the Day

Joanna Krupa is the kind of girl who did Dancing with the Stars before being a star. You know a girl on a mission to milk her escaping communism by getting some implants, and doing some really low level marketing campaigns, that made her a household name to the very active Maxim subscriber….while the average guy didn’t give a fuck about her….other than appreciating the fact that she had a hot body…if faced with a picture of her…you know what I mean, hot pussy, not very memorable…

Well I guess she is at a crossroad in her caree, where she has to figure out how to make noise, now that her one bottom feeding stunt, Dancing with the Stars is over….I am sure her fingers are crossed that they do a reunion special, or a greatest hits and she makes the cut, cuz after that kind of play, it is all downhill from there….Never was, never will be, just getting older and haggered….let’s show some tit and get talked about…works for me.

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