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Kim Kardashian is Unfortunately in a Bikini of the Day

Kim Kardashian is a fucking pig, but unlike most pigs, unless you’re dealing with a weird farmer, she wears a bikini….a bikini that she poses next to old women in, or busted down sisters in, and that she posts to her own site that I am surprised exists and people care to visit, but I’m not surprised they photoshop her in….

The real significant or major difference between her and a pig, is that it is not legal to slaughter her….but it is legal to slaughter pigs…who are likely more intelligent but more importantly less demaging to society…..

Sure a lot of pigs have accounted for food poisoning, or mad pig disease, but no pig has had the global negative affect that Kim Kardashian has…meaning their deaths all legal were less neccessary than the death of the Kardashians….and our only hope is that OJ gets them when he gets out…or that they get themselves…cuz they need to be put to an end…

If you like fat spoiled bitches who don’t think they are fat or spoiled…these pics are for you…

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