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Amanda Bynes is a Hot Damaged Goods of the Day

I love broken girls, especially when those broken girls or the reason they are broken girls makes absolutely no sense, like Amanda Bynes, fully fucking broken….did hollywood eat her up and spit her out, was she molested by executives, does she feel her childhood was robbed, did she always feel like she wasn’t good enough of able….you know constant pressure to beat other girls for menial roles that in the grand scheme of things really doesn’t matter….but to her was all that mattered….leading to self medicating, poor decision making, crying for attention, for someone to notice…broken hearts, broken dreams…..destroyed…even though she was rich, famous enough…but never enough….and what it comes down to is who really cares, cuz all that matters, is that it happened, she’s destroyed, looks like a stripper, has rockin’ fake lookin tits, and is going out in public in a way I can jerk off to her….keeping her relevant and me happy….keep up the good fight against yourself girl….It works for me….this is like finding a gem in the bargain basement bin at the local department store people….and I love deals.

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