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LeAnn Rimes in Some Shitty Bikini Pics of the Day

I love fake Christians…who are actually hookers….who never really cared for their shitty fans or the God they all worship…but who didn’t mind being a figurehead to tap into that wholesome market before deciding that living a lie was not worth living…and fucking married dudes, getting implants, and riding all that money you made from the good people who still listen to music on casettes….cuz they don’t get computers or CD technology….is more fucking fun….too bad she’s not hotter…cuz this shit is up on some monster looking shit…..Sheeeeeeeeet…….

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  • Skylar

    God she is ridiculous! Does she think she is attractive? Her & her ugly famewhoring husband are so pathetic!

  • Seabee

    Is that Bret Michaels in a bikini?

  • Travis

    This kills me. She posts pics of herself all the time like she’s doing people a favor.

    She’s average at best & she doesn’t hold a candle to Brandi Glanville & Brandi Glanville is GARBAGE.

  • beavis

    That pic needs a big bushy beard. Like a ZZ Top beard.