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Adrianne Curry’s Topless Pic for Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is some evil fucking woman who didn’t matter before Twitter existed. Sure she was on TV, and in America that is enough for a bitch to be considered important, or worth talking to, or worth giving free shit to, but she wasn’t a household name, she was just that slut who banged the dude from Brady Bunch for scandal and reality TV that sucked…..but now, now she’s made moves, and is the has been who never was, who discovered nudity and fan boy nerd shit is all it takes to get fans on the fucking internet…..

I hate her….and her shitty topless pics for twitter…..

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  • Joe

    I had one of “these” (but of the Danish variety) that liked to walk around naked to show her bits to everybody. This was before the internet.
    I cant imagine the shit her ex husband must have went through. I bet he had a hellova party when it was over