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LeAnn Rimes in More Bikinis for Twitter of the DAy

The body of a stripper with the face of a fucking monster….I think this Christian brain trickster did more than just sell her soul to the devil when deciding to drop Jesus music for her Jesus loving Apalachian hillbilly fans with no real mind of their own thanks to generations of being inbred…I think she is actually the fucking devil…cuz when I look at her face I see fucking demons…don’t stare too long….she may steal your fucking soul….

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  • shitdick

    how the fuck does this anorexic falcor looking worthless pig of a human have stretch marks all over her flat ass? eat something you nasty whore. Even your fake ass bolt on tits are withering away.

  • ravi noosh

    OK, so it’s a requirement to be a woman-hater to visit this site? Or is there some kind of contest here, to see who can post the vilest comment about the women featured on this website?

    Let me guess: It’s some weird contest for toady-of-the-day status among the woman haters who visit here..

  • ravi noosh

    .. you buttfuckers really do try to outdo the columnist.

  • Sgt.Horbath

    One day when you’re all old you won’t mind fucking her.