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Paris Hilton Topless for GQ Russia of the Day

Like Levis and Coca cola in the 80s….the Russians care about America’s less signficant, unimpressive, everyday things that America doesn’t evencare about, only this time it is Paris Hilton, and not cuz they can’t get her, you see cuz everyone has got her, but because her PR people are working all angles, you know cuz they like being on her payroll, and happened to find the one magazine in the world willing to do a spread with her….GQ…the Russian, more communist, rationed bread….after the fall o the iron curtain…where tastes are still questionable….version…

Here’s the proof. She is a whore.

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  • LolleyGagger

    Yes she is whore no [bad Russian accent]
    You stick finger in butthole of Paris it’s clean you eat cake off of lady starfish [also bad accent stolen from The Change Up]

  • Serge

    Where’s the topless pics? I don’t see any in that collection.

  • Travis

    In Russia, herpes catch you!